Good Companies to Support


Please use our boycott page to decide which companies to avoid. If a company is not mentioned on that page, then you can assume that generally they are apolitical and thus can be supported. When faced with a choice of companies that are all on the boycott list, pick the one that you find least offensive. Some people have asked for a separate list of companies to support. However the number of apolitical companies is just too numerous to list. Nevertheless, here's just a few larger companies to consider. This is very, very far from being an all-inclusive list...


h Charles Schwab - Brokerage, checking and savings accounts. Solid donation record.

h Uline - Office Supplies and more. Stellar donation record.

h MyPillow - Sheets, bedding, towels, etc.

Walgreens - General merchandise. More middle of the road political donations.

L.L. Bean - Jumped the shark in 2020. Gone full Democrat! - (Much less offensive than Amazon) - General merchandise

CVS - (Less offensive than Amazon) General merchandise - (Less offensive than Amazon) General merchandise

Menards Hardware - Historically heavy Republican donors, but starting to waiver. Still carries MyPillow!

Ace Hardware - As a whole, Ace employee/PAC donations are more Republican leaning than Democrat. - (Not as offensive as Amazon) - Not just hardware. Kitchen, bed, bath, furniture, etc. Co-founder, once supported Trump, then fell for the media's Capitol protest lies about Trump. Home Depot's store in Minneapolis flew a pride flag and was handing out black lives matter signs, thus promoting Marxism. Home Depot donated 1 million dollars to Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. We give HD credit for the fact that employee and/or PAC donations favor Republicans, and for not caving into the left-wing mob's demands to denounce Georgia's voting integrity bill.


h New Balance Athletic - Shoes, clothing, more. Stellar donation record.

h - Arts and crafts. Store display encouraged voters to vote for Trump

h Sheetz - East coast convenience store. Big Republican supporters.

h Bang Energy Drink (Vital Pharmaceuticals) - Donated 250K to America First Action

iHerb - Vitamins. Seems to be apolitical. - While not perfect, is a better alternative for electronics, including cameras. - Do NOT support this company! We are told that NewEgg drop ships some merchandise via We don't do business with under any circumstances! NewEgg is reportedly owned by Chinese company Hangzhao Liaison Interactive Information Technology Co., Ltd.


h - Register domains, web hosting, etc.

h GiveSendGo - Fundraising without Big Tech canceling you

h SubscribeStar - Fundraising without Big Tech canceling you

h Brave - Web browser

h 4conservative - Search engine. Not perfect though.


h Jimmy Johns - Sandwiches

h Dominoes - Heavy Republican donors



Buffalo Wild Wings

Dunkin Donuts

Rusty Taco

Goya Foods - The CEO Robert Unanue is the lone good guy. The company's majority 9 member board voted to censure thier CEO, then laughably claimed that "politics is not part of our business". Until the 'woke' leftists are removed from the board of directors, we cannot support Goya.

h Publix - South/East regional grocery chain was targeted for boycott by leftists.


h Molson / Miller / Coors - Beer. Solid donation record.


h Trump Resorts - Owned by the greatest president in history

h Sands Resorts -

Motel 6 - - Home sharing - Home sharing - Home sharing


h UFC - Dana White supports Trump.

h WWE - Supports Trump


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