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Where do you think should I invest my money? A. Do your own due diligence. If you can't figure out how to do it on your own then hire a fiduciary fee-only adviser on a 1-time, 1-task or hourly basis. Also join a forum such as Forum.MrMoneyMustache.com where people are eager to help. Just beware that you may get a wide range of responses, including biased responses from brokers, insurance agents and other sock puppets who may be roaming the forums. Some insurance salesmen have attempted to muddy the waters in forums. Some insurance forums are run by and used primarily by none other than insurance agents who will never say a bad word about annuities nor other insurance company products that they sell like universal life, whole life, and variable life. You definitely don't want to go there for answers! Another option is to set up an account with Vanguard, which offers "light advice" services at more reasonable fees. Or use a so-called RoboAdvisor, many of which are free.


What are your conflicts of interest? A. This is a strictly informational website. Nobody who contributes to or runs this site is in the business of selling any financial products, insurance products, real estate, commodities, etc, nor the selling of financial advice or financial services. This is a strictly non-commercial, informational site. There are also no ads found on this site. Hyperlinks to other sites are unsolicited.


I read the "list of liberal, progressive and / or anti-Trump companies that you should boycott" on this site and I've become triggered. A. Nobody around here cares. Hillary lost. Deal with it snowflake.






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