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hI read the "definitive list of left-wing companies that you should boycott". I'm a deranged democrat from a lawless blue city with BLM/ANTIFA riots, arson and looting, neutered police departments, dismantled justice systems, high taxes, endless lockdowns, thousands of drug addicted homeless people s--tting on our sidewalks and I've now become triggered by this site! I want to tell you how much I hate Trump and how everyone and everything is racist!


Answer: Nobody around here gives a flying s--t. Deal with it snowflake!


Do you have a list of good companies to support?


ANSWER: We have just a small list here. If a company is not mentioned on this page, then you can assume that generally they are apolitical and therefore can be supported. When faced with a choice of companies that are all on this list, pick the one that you find least offensive.




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