How liberals change language in order to control the debate


Liberals are famous for controlling language in order to shape opinions. Here's a list of examples:


Their deceptive language What they really mean / truth
Women's March Democrat women's march
People's March Democrat's anti-Trump march
Climate denier Assumes that the debate is over and the science is settled.
Progressive Repressive, unraveling
Unhinged, divisive, causing chaos, mentally unstable, etc. Descriptors for anyone who disagrees with their views, policies, etc
Immigrants Illegal immigrants
Anti-fascist Pro-fascist
Anti-racist Anti-white
Anti-sexist Anti-male
Inclusiveness, diversity Anti-white, anti-male, anti-heterosexual, anti-American
Comprehensive Meaningless gibberish that sounds good
Believe women Guilty until proven innocent
Gun reform Repeal the 2nd Amendment
Nazi, dictator, fascist, etc Anyone who they disagree with
Hate speech Conservative speech or any speech that they disagree with
Threat to democracy Threat to democrat party
White supremacist Anyone who supports America, holds up a flag
Living unsheltered Homeless
Xenophobic, Islamophobic No borders, no country
Me Too Movement The democrat party


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