Predicting the top Democrat /

Media Excuses for Losing in 2020


Democrats are famous for not accepting the results of elections when they don't turn out their way, and then coming up excuse after excuse. Here we predict the most likely excuses that will be heard from pundits on MSNBC and CNN.


1. Lack of enthusiasm because Biden is an old white guy

2. Oprah or Michelle Obama would have won easily

3. Ballot fraud

4. People were brainwashed by FOX News and right-wing YouTubers

5. Minority vote was suppressed

6. Russia [or Ukraine] meddling

7. We [the media] didn't get our message out enough

8. Ohio, Florida, Michigan have too many racists, rise of white supremacy

9. Too many Uncle Toms and Uncle Juans abandoned their race

10. The electoral college needs to be abolished

11. Trump benefited from residual effects of Obama's economy

12. Trump's lies should have been censored / banned by Facebook

13. Stupid voters don't believe the dire warnings about global warming

14. Senate impeachment hearings were a sham. Trump should have been removed.

15. Big oil and other special interest donations to the Trump campaign


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