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PBS show - The Retirement Gamble - Learn why you need to avoid non-fiduciary advisers and instead invest in index funds.


Documentary How to Win the Loser's Game - Why you should avoid active management and instead invest in passive index funds.


Compounding Interest Rate Calculator - Discover how much those high fees that you are playing add up over time.


4/19/2010 - X-NFL player Brian Bosworth sues agent over bad investment advice: TMZ Story


11/2/2011 - NFL player Mark Brunell apparantly puts most if not all of his eggs in just two baskets (both private equity). Now he's broke! NESN News story


10/31/2011 - Kim Kardashian's soon-to-be ex-husband, Kris Humphries invested hundreds of thousands of dollars with "Locust Offshore Management", a fraudulent hedge fund. Had Humphries read this web site he would have known to avoid anything with the words "off shore" and anything not offered through a deep discount brokerage firm like E Trade, Scottrade or Ameritrade.


5/11/2010 - More conflict of interest: The State of New York claims that Ivy Asset Management was suspicious of Bernie Madoff's fund, but played down those worries because they feared losing millions in commissions. Yahoo Story


10-14-2010 - John Elway caught in Ponzi Scheme. Denver Post Story


According to one website, his net worth is 45 million now, so evidently at the time he invested at least 25% of his net worth into this fund, which goes against rule # 2.


Yet another Ponzi scheme: Former NFL quarterback Jonathan Quinn loses almost all of his life savings: MSNBC Story


4-23-2011 - Yet another Ponzi scheme and yet more investors who broke rule #2, putting ALL of their life savings into one "basket". CNN Money Story


7-6-2011 - Yet another Ponzi scheme. These investors were duped into foolishly believing that they'd get not just a 15 or 20% return on investment but 100%!!!! They dropped their guard because the con artists were PTA members. Further going against advice found on this page, some took mortgages out on their homes to invest in the scheme. Long Island Press story


12/13/2011 - Yet another Ponzi scheme. Montana man gets 25 years for ripping off 1,400 investors. Judge says to investors to beware of people who "appeal to your personal status, such as your religious beliefs, need for financial security and sense of belonging." Yahoo Story


1/24/2012 - Terrell Owens says that he's broke after earning 80 million dollars. His NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus recommended none other than financial advisers who lost much of his money. Terrell should have fired all of these "advisers" and just invested in index fund ETF's. CLICK HERE


4/12/2012 - Socially conscious 11 million dollar Ponzi scheme targets church goers. Huffington Post Story SEC story


5/10/2012 - Irvine, CA investment firm charged with fraud. According to the SEC, "Stewart, Packard, and Smith deliberately omitted information about their bankrupt operation and created the appearance that Apartments America was a successful venture and sound investment opportunity". CLICK HERE


STORY - Ameriprise Financial employees filed a lawsuit against their company because they were upset that the company 401K plan was utilizing expensive Ameriprize funds! What does that say about the very products that they push on their clients if the employees want nothing to do with their own products?!!



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